Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Writing after ........................

Sorry to myself for not writing any post from a long time... Well... i came back to Oman a week before... after having 2 week stay in Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad .. it was a good trip... met all of the friends. back to the routine.. daily back home on late nights.. sitting with friends. and all that. Then on an urgent call i came here on April 3, however i was supposed to come here on April 9th. but anyway .. i arrived.. workload is not as high it was before. "Kaam set chal reha hay ab". And one of the greatest news and happiness for me. my family is that my newphew "Khizer Raza" had a successfull heart surgey at SriLanka and i am really thankful all of you for remembering in prayers, and mashalla he went back to Pakistan on April 6th, 2005. And now he is the same naughty Khizer the one who left for operation with new energy. Mashalla he is fine now. So life is here cool and calm. Muscat is quite peacful place.. One enjoyment we all have on daily basis is to go for dinner into some new place. On my return to Muscat there is a guy named Osama, he is from Jordan joined us on project. A good chap, we all enjoyed his company, and as he have a car, after office we daily go to some shopping malls, he is also fond of shopping like us :).. and if i say shopping i have to say something about Naseem bhai... He is not a much fond of shopping but long shopping.. and in fact if he goes to some perfumes, garments shop, no one can asked him to leave the shop unless GOD inject some pity on his heart for us :). So ladies and gentleman these are our "Shab-o-roz" at Muscat (Sultante of Oman). Enjoy.............................................. WAbbas


  • Hello, betay keya haal hain, When r u coming back to Pakistan.
    Today is the last date of mourning, so ayyam-e-aza finally leaving us , with their blessing. Inshallah we will again celebrate , if live next year as well.

    Regards Tayyab Raza

    By Anonymous Tayyab, at 4/18/2005 04:42:00 PM  

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