Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Qais -- You makes me delighted

The day (November 28) i arrived here , start a new thread -- >search for an arabic song, i listen on tv. And how difficult for youto search a song, when you dont know the title and singer name (i know from last 4 months). But thanks to Asif bhai friend Qais. Yaar... he really help, i just draw the scenario (video) concept in his mind, and he recoginze that. And today he emailed me the link for download and from that time, this song is on my Windows Media Playlist (*repeat), and i dont know how long it will be repeated (one of the bad or good habit of mine is that if i like one thing, i keep on recurssion). If you want to listen this song just have a right click and save it as mp3. Hope you will enjoy this. http://www.mazajy.com/RiseAndShine/Full%20Albums/Ragheb%20Alama%20-%20El%20Hob%20El%20Kebeer/Ragheb%20Alameh%20-%20Naseeni%20El%20Donya.mp3 Singer name is Ragheb Alameh and song is Naseeni El Donya. Thank you Qais,


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