Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Transit @ Abu Dhabi (Its really a big big journey)

Its a big day today! A big route and jouney. Though Muscat is just an hr away from Karachi, but it took almost more than half a day, that i am away from my home, but still not able to arrived @ Muscat. The Gulf flight took around more than 2 hrs above the land, and then they landed @ Abu Dhabi, due to some gliding thing, or parashooting,, Muscat Airport is closed. So we are @ Abu Dhabi Aiport @ this time. I am spending my time in Gulf Air Airport Hotel Abu Dhabi, the next flight will be @ 11, so hope to land @ 12 @ Oman to sleep. Big day, big journey, still .. going on. Pray for ME :) Regards, Wajahat Abbas


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