Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I am in Abu Dhabi! Working for Etihad Airways

Hi, Sorry for being inactive so long. (Sanket Bakshi already complained me) These days working here in Abu Dhabi, for Etihad Airways. Things are going fine. Good part of working here in Abu Dhabi, that lucikly my cousin Kamran bhai also lives here, and from very first day i moved to his house, and enjoying time with his family, his 2 daughters Minahil and Mishael keep me busy, and uptil now i didnt felt bored. Especially Mishael is too naughty, just 1 1/2 year old but try to much to speak, run, etc. She is quite naughty. Beside this, i think i never thought that outside Pakistan, i would be eating traditional Paki food, thanks to Kamran bhai "home Goverment", who make everything possible. Yaar yesterday i ate "Basenee Rooti" with "Lassi". Thank you so much for tasty and local food. Rest is fine, i hope wish to get back home by this week end, inshalla project will be finished. Apart from this, i would like to thanks Basit, who is working parallel with me. He is from Seven Sea's a good company in UAE. He is very good guy, and i really enjoyed his company (Gathering). Another good thing about Basit is that, he is a also a big fan of Allama Iqbal. (Same like me). So this is all what i am doing these days in Abu Dhabi. See you then!


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