Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Me.Beleive -- Service Orientation is to invade Software Future -- > Redefining the shape of Software World

Service Orientation is near to invade the Software Industry especially (OOP gonna become OOPS). Though SOA doesnt mean to expell OOP but its something more than that. A concept, a philosphy which will going to redefine the Software Industry future very soon, in fact the very first true implementation of SOA -- > Web Services is adding feul to the fire. The kind of architecture SOA based is not only loosely coupled by terminology. Its truly built on a world of independent protocols , no matter what kind of tool, language you use, every one can talk using Web Services. The dawn of JAVA with OOP in early 90's become the down of Java in late's 90 with the evolution of Services concept introduce by Microsoft .Net. And in fact after reading, knowing about the new Longhorn, Avalon, Indigo stuff which are truly an SOA implementation will let him miles miles ahead from others. That's why now every industry is trying to cash SOA. SOA makes so easy to independent every layer that it was not like before. Service orientation is on its way ... And Web Services is only the first baby of SOA. A lot and lot more yet to come which will totally reshape a new World of Software Industry (ME.BELEIVE ! What you ?).


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