Monday, October 10, 2005

Nation on Mourning ! Big Time For Pakistan

A nation on mourning. This is a big time for Pakistan. From last three days i am watching tv, reading internet, the earthquake rocks the upper side, totally destroyed Azad Kashmir, its really a big time for entire nation, especially for those who lost their loves, families, kids. The worst part of this is the Govt help for those plp, the very first day they totally deny with the figures, they said that it kills around 3,000 plp, but when the international media highlights the situation, then they start giving some right figures. I read on internet news, that plp are very much angered (where it happens) because most of them didnt able to get any help from Govt, and they blamed for Govt propaganda machinery which continusly on shouting that they are helping a lot. Such a massive disaster and the Govt role is nothing, its really bad. Yesterday i met a Paki guy who works in a hotel in Muscat, he told me that he belongs to Azad Kashmir, Muzzafarabad. He said that his uncle, and uncle family whole dies, and he didnt know any update about his family, he said that all his relatives live on the same village, street and whole village demolished. He was not able to call them and dont know any update about them. I also read in the news that the whole Muzaffarabad is destroyed and may be more than 30, 000 plp died from that city. They plp are totally helpless, in anger , it was very distressing. Kindly donate as much as you can for those who lost everything and looking on you! Please help to save their tomorrow! Some links for getting updates http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4325110.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4325640.stm (Reporters Log)

When Feeling Nothing

Though in my life, i felt happiness, sadness, lonely, etc. But this is the very first time when i am feeling Nothing. Life is driven by some objective, atleast you have something in your mind which drives your life, until you sleep in such a manner when you never wake up. Rite Now, i am driven with time, when i am came here in Muscat Oman, i had number of tasks on my account which had to be done by me, especially thesis first presentation material preparation, which i have to give on 14th, oct, 2005. But uptil now i didnt do anything of it, however its very important, but i lost my interest. Its all because i am in the state of Feeling Nothing!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

What do you prefer: Knowledge OR Wealth?

What are you looking for Wealth or Knowledge ? Its written in history that once a group of plp asked Hazrat Ali (A.S) the same question. "Of knowledge and wealth, which is better and why. Please give a separate answer to each of us." Hazrat Ali answered in ten parts: 1. Knowledge is the legacy of the Prophets; wealth is the inheritance of the Pharaohs. Therefore, knowledge is better than wealth. 2. You are to guard your wealth but knowledge guards you. Therefore, knowledge is better. 3. A man of wealth has many enemies, while a man of knowledge has many friends. Hence, knowledge is better. 4. Knowledge is better because it increases with distribution, while wealth decreases by that act. 5. Knowledge is better because a learned man is apt to be generous while a wealthy person is apt to be miserly. 6. Knowledge is better because it cannot be stolen while wealth can be stolen. 7. Knowledge is better because time cannot harm knowledge but wealth rusts in course of time and wears away. 8. Knowledge is better because it is boundless while wealth is limited and you can keep account of it. 9. Knowledge is better because it illuminates the mind while wealth is apt to blacken it. 10.Knowledge is better because it induced the humanity in our Prophet to say to GOD. "We worship thee as we are your servants," while wealth engendered in Pharaoh and Nimrod the vanity which made them claim God-head.