Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Journey to Islamabad

Lahore project is going fine. Good team to work with. On last weekend, Friday night, i decided to go ISB, and discussed it with my friend, he gave me Green signal, and then on Saturday ealry morning 5:30 i went to Daewoo Bus stop Lahore (Kalma Chowk), its a nice bus service. It takes around 4:30 hrs from Lahore to ISB. The journey was good, then it took us to Rawalpindi (Peshawer Road). There i got a cab, call Asad bhai (My cousin), and asked him the home address. He was surprised and happy to know that i arrived ISB. My cousin lives in Korang Town, an outskirt of ISB, adjacent to Baharia town, a good place. I met the family, it was nice to with them, after long time, Murtaza is my cousin too, with same age like me. On dinner, Asad bhai took us to Pizza Hut, I think F10 ISB, there we had a nice dinner. On Sunday, i visited several places of ISB with Murtaza, then @ Home i saw "Rang-day-Basanti". It's a nice movie, really worthwhile to see, a must to see movie. Then around at 8:30 i left my ccousin home, and at 10 PM Murtaza left me at the Daweoo Bus stop PINDI, which takes me Lahore at 2:30. I arrived at Hotel @ 3:00, and took a good sleep. And then from monday, my routine to office starts again. Thats the ISB tour, it was great.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

On Ground @ Lahore

Finally on Ground @ Lahore for SMEDA. We arrived yesterdat morning 8, the weather seems little hot, we went to hotel, placed our luggage, and move to our KalSoft Lahore office. KalSoft Lahore office is at a good place Siddiqui Trade Center Gulberg, nicely furnished, and a good place for work, Lahore colleques are very good and coperative. Ahmer Shahid is with from KalSoft Karachi. He is a good guy and i hope that we will be having good time here. So will keep update you guys about city of Allama Iqbal.

There are so many things which i were doing

There are so many things which i were doing in last days, but being a lazy blogger, didnt able to hold them @ my blog...... I had a good session at FAST NU Karachi office with final Year students. Munir (FAST INETA) invited me to speak on "Software Project IDEAS". There i conducted the session, guide students about "How to" do final year projects, pros and cons, and ideas for them. It went good. And then .. i was preparing for getting IN lahore for SMEDA project. Staying at Lahore, was one of my wish, never comes true, however i visited Lhr 2 times, but for very short notice, so i am sure that this time, in this project, i have a very good chance to Live, here with Lahorians, visting cool places, and finally a good going project, and expectating a overall good experience. So this is on my side. Sanket scold me too, for not writing from quite long time, so sankee i am back, i saw your US trip snaps, they were good, and i am sure that you enjoyed your tour @ Microsoft Redomand. So keep doing good. See you people then,