Monday, December 18, 2006

Apna Muqam Paida Kar (Dr. Allama IQBAL)

One of the biggest advantage of being in IQBAL city Lahore, is my reading on IQBAL these days, and when my friend Ahmer Shahid also taking interest, so its good to read, debate, and understand the poetry and philosphy of IQBAL. IQBAL is one of the greatest philospher and thinker of current Islamic Age. Day before yesterday i purchased the Iqbal poerty CD (Released by National Sufi Council) and its a great collection of IQBAL poetry. Must to heard!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Wajahat at Ziarat

Wajahat at Ziarat, originally uploaded by Wajahat Abbas (VJ).

A old photo make me remember the days of a good trip of Ziarat. Tanvir Hasan shoot this photo, a very nice shoot from him.

Though he is not in Pakistan now, in Australia at present, but it was a nice tour with him.

We are sitting at a honey Shop Tent (Most right the shop owner), in middle, Iftikhar bhia, and most left Me.