Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Personal Observation (Saying Allhamadolillaha)

Dear All, I want to share one of my personal observation in which i am quite sure after observing this thing from long time. (If you think that i am wrong in this, kindly correct me, leave a comment or emai me) so i can correct myself. I have noticed that from last 1, 2 years saying Allahamadoillaha in reply of "How are you" becomes very common. I really appretiated this as being a muslim this is a very good thing. But what i have observed that now a days this becomes a best tool to avoid a convseration. When you want to listen more and more, like if you ask "How are you, what are you doing now a days?" The other person just replies "Allahamadoillaha". If then asked again "How is your family", the person again replies "Allahamadolillaha", if asked "How things are going", you will again get the answer "Allahamadoillaha" even the other person which even want more just, you restirct him to ask more. Definitly the answer must be more than that, this is good if you say "Allahamadoillaha" this is the best, but one must be more responsive, must express more. Dont use this as a tool. This word has it own respect, dont use this word to stop the conversation. This should be the best start of your conversation. Dont use this great word to stop the conversation, in fact this is suppose to give a best start. Kindly utilize "Allahamadolillaha" in its full manner. I hope i will not hurt anyone, but if i am really sorry and if you feel i am wrong. Please do correct me. Remember in prayers, Wajahat Abbas

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A good Quotation of Khalil Jibran ( I like it )

"Work is love made visible. And if you can't work withlove but only with distaste, it is better that youshould leave your work and sit at the gate of thetemple and take alms of the people who work with joy". Khalil Gibran.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yesterday we (Nadir bhai and hammad bin arif) went to Asif bhai residence for dinner(without any invitation :)). That was a good one,, i mean in Muscat having Pakistani food and luickly in a Pakistani house is ......................................... There we had a good sitting, Asif Suri bhai as always is a very energetic/ full of tafree. guy, and i dont think so that anyone can bored in his company.. We also met, Nadir bhai/Asif bhai friend Shahrukh who arrived Muscat on a job. (Best luck for him). then after having a good dinner, and a cup of tea we went back to our hotel appt. we watched a nice movie ("Man of honor").. a good movie about a passionist navy diver. a good movie. As the movie finsihed we go to sleep, before that i scold myself that these days i am not reading books ( i tries to make it habit to read some thing for atleast 1 hr before going to sleep). so then i read a book which i purchased on my way back to Pakistan the book name is "Management Functional" (Atleast if i can have some infromation what and how management think :)). A good book.. though i read only 1... 2 chapter,, but i am enjoying,, i hope that i will finish it inshalla and one more 2... on my return to my homeland... Stay tune.... WAbbas

Writing after ........................

Sorry to myself for not writing any post from a long time... Well... i came back to Oman a week before... after having 2 week stay in Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad .. it was a good trip... met all of the friends. back to the routine.. daily back home on late nights.. sitting with friends. and all that. Then on an urgent call i came here on April 3, however i was supposed to come here on April 9th. but anyway .. i arrived.. workload is not as high it was before. "Kaam set chal reha hay ab". And one of the greatest news and happiness for me. my family is that my newphew "Khizer Raza" had a successfull heart surgey at SriLanka and i am really thankful all of you for remembering in prayers, and mashalla he went back to Pakistan on April 6th, 2005. And now he is the same naughty Khizer the one who left for operation with new energy. Mashalla he is fine now. So life is here cool and calm. Muscat is quite peacful place.. One enjoyment we all have on daily basis is to go for dinner into some new place. On my return to Muscat there is a guy named Osama, he is from Jordan joined us on project. A good chap, we all enjoyed his company, and as he have a car, after office we daily go to some shopping malls, he is also fond of shopping like us :).. and if i say shopping i have to say something about Naseem bhai... He is not a much fond of shopping but long shopping.. and in fact if he goes to some perfumes, garments shop, no one can asked him to leave the shop unless GOD inject some pity on his heart for us :). So ladies and gentleman these are our "Shab-o-roz" at Muscat (Sultante of Oman). Enjoy.............................................. WAbbas