Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Devils OWN

If you havent seen it? Do first thing first, just go and see. Simple but really passionate movie, i am sure that it will drive you for atleast a day or 2. About me i am really fond of movies of orignal stories, this is a kind of movie i do like most after Braveheart, Patriot, and Indian film Machis. This "Devils Own" movie is about an Irish Guy role played by Brad Pitt, really played well. Have this movie @ this weekend. hope you will enjoy,

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Finally @ Nawras in Muscat (Oman)

Man after a long long journery .. a big day,, it tooks me a day to reach Oman from Pakistan. However the actual travel time is just 1 and 1/2 hr. Read the blogs below that what i gain in these hours... Its becomes pleasent with the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" from Sean Covey. So I enjoyed being late :)... Hope to get the same journey next time in order to get and learn something!. Regards, Wajahat Abbas

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Get Refersh, reborn! From the barnacles of mistakes, regrets. Love yourselve

"The real tragedy is the tragedy of the man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort -- he never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to his full stature". Arnold Bennett Again this is some worthwhile quotation from Sean Covey book, some other good one ... "Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else." Judt Garland. He shares a very cool example of a ship. A ship @ sea for many years picks thousands of barnacles that attach themselves to the bottom of the ship eventually weigh it down, becoming a threat to its safety. Such a ship utlimately need its barnacles removed, and least expensive and easiest way is for the ship to harbor in a freshwater port, free of salt water. Soon the barnacles becomes loose their own and fall off. The ship is then able to return to sea, relieved of its burden. We are just like that ship, carrying barnacles of mistakes, regrets, and pain from past ? Perheps we need to allow ourselve to soak in fresh water for a while . Isnt Classical ?

R u Centered ?? if yes then which one?

Another very cool approach and finding of Sean Covey on his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens". He wrote that every man focused on atleast one centered, or you can say approach ... some one are "Friend Centered", just live the life with friends and for friends as friends, but this may damage you if you make it your center, bcoz if you loose them, and this happens almost in many stages of life. Just look around yourselve where are your school friends, college one, office one,, you shift yourselve into next level and may lost them. So this approach doesnt work. Some people are "Stuff Cenetered". Though almost 80-90% have this... everyone in this world in these days are running for money, stuff, car, career, just stuff. According to Sean there is nothing wrong with accomplishing and enjoying our stuff, but we shld not ceneter our lives on things. which in end have no lasting values. Some are school cenetered, parents centered. Accroding to Author, and ya its true, the best centered is to be "Princple Centered", its the real things, if you make your selves centered on principles, you will always be happier, as they never changed, truth is a princple, honesty is a princple, they never changed, every religion, culture, society respect it, so no matter where you are, where you go, if you make yourselve centered with Principles you will be the best becuase it is true that "Principles Never Fail". "It is impossible to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law." Cecil B. Demilee

Sean Covey Can write just like his Father Stephen Covey

MAN!. Sean Covey write well, he is really a good author. just like his father Stephen Covey (Author of famous book "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"). I got a chance to read his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" in plane (while going to Muscat) long long journey, but this long journey becomes pleseant when i start reading this book. Its really cool. The way he write he shares, experience, quotes, all the things are really cool. I really spent a good time while reading his book. Some of the things I'd like to share with you Guys, "They Make you or Break You" ? It is HABIT @ He discuss some cool stuff about the paradigms, he wrote that most of the time, we always focus, saw things from only one paradigms which is our own,, just from one frame of referene, and on these basis we make very big decision, however if we just see them with other paradigms, or from other frame of reference we able to find that the findings, the conclusion we draw are not actual. So while making any decision, or doing anything, always think big, always see the bigger picture, with multiple frame of refereneces, with different glasses. It may help you in understanding people, understanding emotion, understanding World. Regards, Wajahat Abbas

Transit @ Abu Dhabi (Its really a big big journey)

Its a big day today! A big route and jouney. Though Muscat is just an hr away from Karachi, but it took almost more than half a day, that i am away from my home, but still not able to arrived @ Muscat. The Gulf flight took around more than 2 hrs above the land, and then they landed @ Abu Dhabi, due to some gliding thing, or parashooting,, Muscat Airport is closed. So we are @ Abu Dhabi Aiport @ this time. I am spending my time in Gulf Air Airport Hotel Abu Dhabi, the next flight will be @ 11, so hope to land @ 12 @ Oman to sleep. Big day, big journey, still .. going on. Pray for ME :) Regards, Wajahat Abbas