Friday, July 14, 2006

Etihad Airways -- Operation Complete

Hi All, Etihad Airways -- Medium Server Deployment operation successfully completed. We had a very good time there, a very good experience working with the TEAM. Overall Etihad IT Team and all other plp's are very friendly people, always lookin to help you. Abdul Basit Mehboob was working with me in this Project. He is a Seven Seas Infrastructure Consultant. Basit is a very good guy, a down to earth person, he helps me a lot, as i was new in "Abu Dhabi". I had a good time with him in hanging around the city, shopping, eating.. At Etihad, Jeffy was the Project Cordinator, he is a good professional person. Though we were seated with other IT Staff ,, i.e. Paranth, Venkat and Acharay. Altough they were not the primary contact person , but they helped us a lot from Etihad side. Acharay was a big music fan like me, in fact he sings well. He also give me "Kenny G" music collection. Thanks Acharay for that... So on the last day, that was Tuesday, i packed up to start my journey way back to home. I also want to thanks Gulshan Raza for his help, and for his company in Sharjah. He is working with KalSoft, working as a Admin & Logistic Incharge, a good jolly, guy, and indeed a decent person. Also would like to thanks Rabib KalSoftian, Hasnain, and so as others staying there at Sharjah. So this was the overall story of Closure,..... Rest is fine, i had a good project.. & time there. Special thanks to Kamran and Family where i stayed during project. The love, care they provide, i cant have anything in return. Thank you Kamran bhai and family. I Love you All.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

If you missed zidane’s HEAD knocking.. You can do it

If you have missed the original action of zidane’s head butting metarrazi then don’t worry click on the following link and enjoy the moment. http://linuxteam.at/~philip/zidane.html Just do it for 10-11 times and then see what happens!! And if you want to know that "How its happens" then click following http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/07/13/zidane_headbutt_outrage/

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Terrorism or Acts of War!

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.
Is it true ?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

An excellent WhitePaper about ! SharePoint Backup & Restore

An excellent document about Sharepoint Backup & Restore for single, medium, large server farms. It not only documentated the data backup part, but also taking the backup of IIS meta data, portal site configuration, everything you can think! Click here to read http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sppt/reskit/c2861881x.mspx

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kenny G tones are mind blowing

Believe me ! I never ever heard such kinda of MIND BLOWING tones, what a music, jazz, excellent. If you never heard Kenny, dont miss a minute, tune your ear to this Master Musician tones, especially "Going Home", and his Titanic tone. If you know more good instrumental muscian, i would be thankful if you leave a comment about their music at my blog. Thanks & Tune Yourself with Kenny G!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I am in Abu Dhabi! Working for Etihad Airways

Hi, Sorry for being inactive so long. (Sanket Bakshi already complained me) These days working here in Abu Dhabi, for Etihad Airways. Things are going fine. Good part of working here in Abu Dhabi, that lucikly my cousin Kamran bhai also lives here, and from very first day i moved to his house, and enjoying time with his family, his 2 daughters Minahil and Mishael keep me busy, and uptil now i didnt felt bored. Especially Mishael is too naughty, just 1 1/2 year old but try to much to speak, run, etc. She is quite naughty. Beside this, i think i never thought that outside Pakistan, i would be eating traditional Paki food, thanks to Kamran bhai "home Goverment", who make everything possible. Yaar yesterday i ate "Basenee Rooti" with "Lassi". Thank you so much for tasty and local food. Rest is fine, i hope wish to get back home by this week end, inshalla project will be finished. Apart from this, i would like to thanks Basit, who is working parallel with me. He is from Seven Sea's a good company in UAE. He is very good guy, and i really enjoyed his company (Gathering). Another good thing about Basit is that, he is a also a big fan of Allama Iqbal. (Same like me). So this is all what i am doing these days in Abu Dhabi. See you then!

According to Sanket Bakshi ! VJ is inactive again

I think one of the best thing in working on International (Aboard) beside being more technical is getting good friends from different countries. Before Muscat, i havent experienced working with other nationals and when it comes especially to our next brother country INDIA. It was a great experience while working in parallel with our indian partners (MBT), and living togther for more than 1 year, it was really good to become friends. Sanket was among one of the IT guru from MBT. Though he was small in height (Sanket, dont mind), he is really a great man. A very deep person, with postive mind set. He was really a smart guy. And then on his way back to INDIA he joined Microsoft INDIA and working as a MS consultant. Though we havent able to meet again i think from last 7-8 months, but stay in tocuh with MSN, emails. This is a good part of friendship, no matter how far you are, good friends are with you. The other thing special about Sanket, is that he always motivates me to active on blog, articles, and things like that. This time also, i received his comment on my blog that i am inactive, as i was not able to write anything on blog from long time. I must say, "good friends are blessing of GOD." Best wishes and prayers for you Sanket.