Wednesday, March 15, 2006

They said

They said, "Leaders do not seek out followers, they attract them. What attracts people to you is your passion, the very people that will help you on your journey will do so because you're passionate about your vision, and your vision comes to you when you understand your purpose. "

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pakistan Ban BlogSpot

Yaar, What kinda of fool plp are they (PAK Govt Cyber Regulatory Authority)? Rather blocking that blogsite which publish the cartoon they block whole domain. Big Shame........

I am on KalSoft Newsletter and Site

I really get amazed when one of my friend congrats me on becoming MVP yesterday. How he came to know ? Its makes me delighted, He read about this in KalSoft monthly newsletter. Even i was not aware of this, but i got delighted once i came to know. From here you can read it all, http://www.kalsoft.com.pk/kalsoft/press/press2006.asp http://www.kalsoft.com.pk/kalsoft/press/mvpwajahat.asp

I get Back to Home

Finally i get back to home town i.e. my City Karachi. Now a days enjoying time here with Friends and family. Today i get back to Work, joined office. Things are pretty much cool here. Life is going good.